The Tiger’s Wife


Author: Tea Obreht

Large Paperback


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The Balkans, 1941.  As German bombs fall, a tiger escapes from his zoo, padding through ruined streets and onwards, to a ridge above the village of Galina.  His nocturnal visits hold the villagers in terrified thrall.  But for one boy, the tiger is a thing of magic – Shere Khan awoken from the pages of The Jungle Book.  Natalia is the granddaughter of that boy.  Now a doctor, she is visiting orphanges after another war has devasted the Balkans.  On this journey, she receives word of her beloved grandfather’s death, far from their home, in circumstances shrouded in mystery.  From fragments of stories her grandfather told her as a child, Natalia realises he may have died searching for “the deathless man”, a vagabond who was said to be immortal.  Struggling to understand why a man of science would undertake such a quest, she stumbles upon a clue that will lead her to a tattered copy of the Jungle Book, and then to the extraordinay story of the tiger’s wife.