The Greek Villa


Author: Judith Gould

Small Paperback


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Tracey Sullivan is on the threshold of a new life.  Working as a television newswriter, she is thrilled to get an offer for her first, as yet unfinished, novel.  She is also excitedly awaiting a lunch date with her fiance, Brian, certain that he’s found the perfect home for them.  But in a matter of hours, her life is turned upside down.  Brian calls off their engagement, the publisher decideds to wait for the completed manuscript and her father – her only relative – has been killed in a car crash.  Going through her father’s papers, she discovers that he was severely in debt and she also finds clues to her mother’s identity – a secret her father had kept from her.  Tracey finds a way out of the debt by accepting a ghostwriting job.  But someone is out to do her harm and perhaps even murder her.  The woman she is writing for, the possible murderer and the identity of her mother are all connected…