The Good Life


Martina Cole

Medium Paperback

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The Good Life is an audacious, irresistible love story snuggling up to a ferocious crime drama. Unless you’ve not read a Martina Cole novel before, you should know exactly what you’re going to get; crime, scandal, offensive language, violence and a completely enthralling read. Cain Moran is coming out of prison after 25 years, he’s big, he’s bad and he’s still in love with Jenny Riley; will he step back into his place in the criminal underworld, will his ex-wife finally lay their past to rest and will Jenny still be waiting for him? With short punchy sentences and concise dynamic chapters, the four books contained within this novel follow on ten years from each other, from 1979 through to 2008. Cole doesn’t condone the violence contained within her novels, she is very matter of fact and has a gift for being able to show the human, normal, everyday side of her characters. ‘The Good Life’ has heart and soul and is a fabulously energetic, gripping read