Taking Control


Una-Mary Parker

Small Paperback

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Sophie was an impressionable twenty-one-year-old when she married millionaire businessman Brock Duvall and was swept away on a tide of luxury and sophistication. But over the years she has learned that life with a man twice her age is not what she had hoped for. She feels the need to break away from the confines of her hapless marriage, and Brock, knowing he can no longer govern his beautiful wife, sets her free. It is time for Sophie to take control.

Launching a career as an antiques dealer, Sophie opens a shop in Knightsbridge, and with the help of her two bubbly colleagues, Frankie and Katie, she watches the business thrive. Sadly, her sister, Audrey, is not so fortunate. Her own marriage is on the rocks and she is spurred into a desperate act of rebellion . . .

As Sophie begins to get her life back on track, she hopes that one day she will meet a man with whom she is truly compatible. Then Tim Calthorpe, her teenage heart-throb, re-enters her life, giving her hope that they may have a future together. But sinister events follow and Sophie is unable to shake off the fear that someone is trying to jeopardise her one chance of true happiness . . .