Author: Sheila O’ Flanagan

Medium Paperback

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Romy Kilkenny loves her life in Australia – she has her dream job, lots of mates, and a best friend in Keith, who understands her better than anyone. Best of all, she couldn’t be further from her family. But when her brother rings to say she’s needed back in Ireland right away, Romy’s world is turned upside down. Flying home to see her mother and her half-siblings, Romy doubts she’ll fit in better now than she ever did, and she’s still not ready to forgive her mother for her truly disgraceful behaviour a few years earlier. Romy also worries that the accidental half-kiss with Keith at the airport may have brought their easy friendship to a sudden end. Whatever lies ahead, it’s not what Romy’s expecting – even the people we grow up with can surprise us, and if love is to be found, it will find a way.