SECRETS OF THE WIDOW’S SON: The Mysteries Surrounding the Sequel to The Da Vinci Code


Author: David A. Shugarts

Large Paperback

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Secrets of the Widow’s Son is an unprecedented publishing event: a book about a book that has yet to be published. As the world waits breathlessly for Dan Brown to publish his sequel to The Da Vinci Code, this new book, Secrets of the Widow’s Son, prepares international audiences for what they will experience in Brown’s forthcoming book. Instead of asking what is fact and what is fiction after reading Brown’s next book (as so many readers did with The Da Vinci Code), those who read Secrets of the Widow’s Son will have the unique opportunity to explore these questions in advance.
Secrets of the Widow’s Son will lead the reader along an incredibly fascinating, thought-provoking, and ultimately shocking trail of clues, codes, and long-forgotten history, from George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and the other Freemasons who were America’s Founding Fathers to an American capital city that rivals The Da Vinci Code’s Paris. The world awaits Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key. But it need not await the mysteries, adventures, themes, and characters likely to appear in that book—because now there is Secrets of the Widow’s Son.