Rough Justice (Sean Dillon #15)


Jack Higgins

Small Paperback


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Intrigue in the halls of power, blood in the streets, the master of suspense returns with a novel of dark passion and darker deeds.

After almost two score books, Higgins knows how to fire up a thriller, wrote Publishers Weekly about the author’s latest book, The Killing Ground. It’s all pure Higgins: almost every shot hits square between the eyes, and all the characters are hard lads indeed. But none of them harder than the heroes and villains of Rough Justice.

Dispatched by the President to report on the state of still troubled Kosovo, his trusted agent Blake Johnson runs into a military man there named Harry Miller, who has the same task from the British Prime Minister. They band together just in time to stop a Russian officer from torching a mosque or rather, Miller stops him, with a bullet to the forehead.

This action will have considerable consequences, not only for Miller and Johnson and their associates, including Britain’s Sean Dillon, but for a great many people, all the way to the top of the governments of the United States, Britain, and Russia. Death begets death, and revenge leads only to revenge, and before the chain reaction of events is done from Kosovo to London to Beirut to Ireland to Moscow there will be plenty of both.

Rich with all the ingredients that have made the author justly admired, Rough Justice is further proof that, in the words of the Associated Press, When it comes to thriller writers, one name stands well above the crowd Jack Higgins.