Painted in Blood (Brother Petroc #3)


Author: Pip Vaughan-Hughes

Medium Paperback

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1242 AD and Europe is in flames once more. The King of France, Louis, has decided to stamp out the heretic faith of the Cathars once and for all. The trouble is that Petroc and his mentor, Captain de Montalhac are on the wrong side… For the Captain can no longer ignore his Cathar roots and heads for the Languedoc and war with his former patron. He takes with him not only gold, but also something far more valuable – a mysterious relic depicting the face of Jesus. This ‘Cathar Crucifix’ will rally a full-scale rebellion against the French Monarchy. But Petroc can see the danger to his friend. Louis possesses a huge army and the necessary ruthlessness to crush all in his path. Now – as Montalhac retreats to the mountain fastness of Montsegur – only Petroc can save his friend – and perhaps the most sacred relic of all…