Never Count Out the Dead


Boston Teran

Large Hardcover

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From the winner of the CWA John Creasey Dagger comes a second thriller equally as powerful, terrifying and gripping as God is a Bullet. When a Los Angeles construction scandal threatens to blow sky-high, suspicions soar, allegiances crumble, and an unlikely investigative reporter uncovers enough material to bring prominent careers crashing to an end. Behind the scenes, one woman thinks she’s pulling the strings: on an adrenaline- and drug-fuelled high, she plots the downfall of her enemies and the survival of the one person she trusts. Herself. Let nobody underestimate the murderous Dee Storey. Least of all her daughter, Shay. A girl with more secrets than someone her age ought to have. A girl whose future will be forever linked with a dark night in the Mojave Preserve and a small-town sheriff called John Victor Sully. Even if she doesn’t know it yet. Even if she never will. But who could have foreseen that the night of October 27, 1987 would precipitate, some eleven years on, the mysterious execution of five people in San Frasquito Canyon. Certainly not John Victor Sully. At least, not until he got the taste for revenge..