William Paul

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He held the phial in a cupped and tossed it a few inches in the air. His mother’s laughter echoed in his ears. He had no need to he frightened, she told him. Not her only son.’ Moments later, the first steps were taken on a bizarre odyssey of revenge: a peaceful pub was transformed into a hecatomb. Innocent, unsuspecting people died a filthy degrading death. Clive Quinn was erecting a monument to his mother. He himself had killed her. lt was no tragedy -she was in great pain and already close to death. But his sense of guilt was only added to the debt the world must pay. And over a horrifying ten days he extracted that payment in an orgy of mayhem and destruction, the more terrifying for its apparent randomness. Governments trembled, powerful men went in fear, the very fabric of society was at risk.