Mayanreiki: Shamanic Journeys in Magic and Healing


Rev. Denis Alexander

Extra Large Paperback

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Mayanism is a science/philosophy which incorporates the basic belief structure of the Mayan people of Mexico and Central America. The author Rev. Dennis Alexander lived with the Maya of Honduras as their doctor for three years. There, learning their shamans’ ways he became “Brujo Blanco,” White Witch Doctor and was awarded the title healer/shaman. Rev. Alexander studied many of the ancient religions and philosophies of many cultures which he puts into practice in this book. The Maya practiced a magical philosophy which opened portals to the “Otherworld,” which allows communication with the “Supernatural.” This is explained in detail in this book. Both Rev. Dennis and Fern Alexander are Usui/Mayan/Karuna Reiki Master and teach and lecture world wide. They are the founders of the Sentient Temple in Belize Central America where they teach and practice Reiki Healing.