Author: Deborah Wright

Medium Paperback

Cover has some wear and tear

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Steve is unlucky in love – he’s shy, he’s never had a long-term girlfriend, and he’s unable to bring himself to tell Dina, the girl he works with, that he loves her. And then, on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, he throws a party, drinks too much, falls in the Thames in a stupour on his way home – and dies. But not quite. Steve comes round in the morning to find he’s a ghost, unable to move on until he understands what relationships are about and what love means. He watches Dina as her life continues, and talks to her about what he’s feeling. And, little by little, Dina begins to hear his voice…But then Dina meets Archie and is swept off her feet. Steve knows Archie isn’t the gentleman Dina thinks he is, but can he persuade her she’s making a mistake? And will Steve find the emotional fulfilment he needs to get to heaven? A wonderfully warm and imaginative novel full of love, life…and ghosts.