Champagne Secrets


Amanda Brunker

Medium Paperback

Name on the inside cover

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Eva the Diva is back!

And she’s going undercover …

After capturing a bust up on an airplane between a group of footballers’ wives on her camera phone, Eva is offered the chance of a lifetime – a new job as an undercover TV reporter. Her exciting new career means moving herself and little daughter Daisy to London and keeping the exact nature of her work secret from her colleagues at the TV production company. Even the new man in her life doesn’t know what she’s up to …

It’s not all high glamour in the big city though – a single mum in a new town needs support, so Eva moves in with her aunt’s large brood, where the rough and tumble of family life is a stark contrast to the celebrity restaurants and nightclubs she visits in her quest to uncover all sorts of WAG drama. But as the intrigue deepens and Eva is forced to tell more and more lies to hold her cover, will her secret prove to be her downfall? And will there ever be a real Mr Right? One things for sure, there’ll be lots of naughty fun and games along the way …