Broken Home


Author: Roberta Kray

Large Paperback


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Hope Randall has lived a quiet life. But that peace is about to be broken. When a stranger turns up on her doorstep telling Hope she has a half-sister, her instinct is to turn him away. But Michael Flint won’t give up that easily—he believes Hope’s sister Connie is in serious trouble. Connie’s childhood was a world away from Hope’s comfortable upbringing—she’s endured poverty, hardship, and abandonment. Connie’s future doesn’t look much brighter. If Hope doesn’t care about her, who will? The father the girls shared—who Hope can’t even remember—was murdered twelve years ago. To find her sister, Hope must enter the dark underworld of the East End, full of violence and vice. She’ll have to toughen up, and fast. It turns out that Connie had links to the notorious Street crime family. With a killer on the loose targeting working girls, will she be the next victim? Hope has to do everything she can to find her sister—even if it involves getting close to the enemy.