Author:  Bookey Peek

Medium Paperback

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For all its wild beauty, the Matobo Hills is a friendly place. Of course, there’s always the chance one might step on a puff adder or meet a wounded leopard, but these are unlikely occurrences, and the joy in my serendipitous wandering was well worth any minor risk. And then along came a honey badger, touted as the most fearless animal in the world: one to whom Trouble and Danger are the very stuff of life. He is totally unreasonable. He hates peace and quiet – he’s a one-man street gang, the Mafia Boss, the executioner waiting at the scaffold with a great grin on his face. Trouble? Bring it on. I’m ready.’ In this third book in the Stone Hills series, Badger grows up and launches himself into the world of dangerous snakes, angry bees and deadly scorpions wi th his family i n anxious at tendance. Once again, the stories range widely, from witchcraft and wilderness, to pygmy cannibals and the torrid romancing of the red-backed toad. But laughter and tears are never far apart in Zimbabwe, not least when a small badger leaves home and makes his way into his own, perilous world.