Gloria Keverne

Small Paperback

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He was a Brilliant Doctor and a Man of Powerful Needs and Desires…. Dr. Than Profane had come to the Quaker mission in Africa to see his dying father. His decision to stay could change not only his life but the lives of everyone he touches. Accepted at first by the small community, Than’s brash, American ways, his appetite for life and love and his open contempt for hypocrisy quickly made him the center of controversy. He wouldn’t accept an eighteenth century way of living when he knew that twentieth century technology could save so many lives. This engrossing and unforgettable epic weaves together one man’s conflicting fascinations and ambitions..with the natives and the harsh reality of their lives and with the missionaries, steadfast to the faithful but brutally unforgiving to those who transgress. There were two worlds and through Than Profane they inevitably collided.