A Hollywood Ending


Robyn Sisman

Large Paperback

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Happy endings don’t just happen in Hollywood…

American starlet Paige Carson is off to London to try her hand at Shakespeare, and to prove that she deserves more than bimbo roles and Hollywood hunks who can’t see beyond their own reflections. But stage acting is not quite what she expected. Neither is her landlord, Ed Hawkshead, a highfalutin documentary-maker who seems far from the charming, floppy-haired Brit of her daydreams.

Having a spoiled Hollywood brat – even one this attractive – as a tenant is Ed’s worst nightmare. He’s certain he will have to rescue her from trouble and is surprised when the tables are turned and he is the one needing help. Opposites attract as Paige and Ed revise their assumptions about each other and rise to new challenges professionally.

A Hollywood Ending is a rollicking romantic comedy that will warm readers’ hearts as they fall in love with Sisman’s delightful characters.